Dexia Tower
Place Charles Rogier 11 - Sint-Joost-ten-Node
Financial, headquarters, towers
End user: 
Dexia Bank
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In coorporation with: 
Samyn & Partners, architects & engineers

The 38-storey Dexia Tower forms the gateway to Espace Nord, the high-rise business district of Brussels. The 145-metre office tower is the third tallest building in Belgium and, when completed in 2006, it was the highest tower to have been built in the last twenty-five years. Originally designed as a speculative building, the project became the new headquarters for Dexia, one of Belgium’s leading banks (now called Belfius) whilst still at design phase.

 The design of the project takes into account a series of neighbouring, but lower, high-rise towers and a low-rise building located at the back of the tower that is also by Jaspers-Eyers Architects. At the same time, the contextual silhouette of the Dexia Tower, which tapers upwards, creates a unique skyline for downtown Brussels and forms a landmark amongst the otherwise flat-roofed towers. 

The upper part of the Dexia Tower allowed for the creation of majestic executive penthouse offices equipped with a series of meeting and dining rooms. At ground level, a covered arcade runs the entire length of the pavement and protects pedestrians on their way to the North Station, a couple of blocks away, from the rain.

 With the exception of the three highest levels, no mechanical levels are located in the sloping portion of the tower and the “sloping roof” can therefore be seen as a fifth glass façade. In possibly one the world’s largest lighting projects of its kind, each double-skinned element of the glazed façade houses a state-of-the-art computer-controlled LED lighting system (220,000 lights in total that emit the three primary colours). In cooperation with Samyn & Partners, architects & engineers 

Dexia Tower
Espace Nord - Brussels
Headquarters, Financial