Espace Jacqmotte
Hoogstraat 139
Renovation, Mixed Use
Completed 2001
Espace Jacqmotte
End user: 
Triodos Bank, BTC, Jaspers-Eyers, Residences etc.
Surface above ground: 
26 400 m²
Surface underground: 
1500 m²
Total surface: 
27 900 m²

The Espace Jacqmotte is named after the original owners and occupiers of the building: the well-known Belgian coffee company, Jacqmotte. Constructed in 1860, and redeveloped in the 1950s, the company vacated the site in the mid-1980s. The buildings remained abandoned until the early 1990s, when the architect Michel Jaspers & Laurent Jaspers took a special interest in this urban city block and formulated a vision for its renovation and revival. He transformed the location into the Espace Jacqmotte, a genuinely mixed-use ensemble that comprises retail units along the famous Rue Haute, a range of 

office spaces and a series of luxury lofts, including a majestic duplex on the penthouse level equipped with large, landscaped terraces and a pool. The entire renovation took place within the original building mass and the rich history of the area is reflected in the details. It is when the doors open, however, that visitors truly discover what the Espace Jacqmotte brings to the Marolles area: a luxuriant green oasis and pond that can be enjoyed by residents and visitors alike.

Espace Jacqmotte
Mixed Use - view