Xerox HQ
Wezembeekstraat 5 - 1930 Zaventem
Headquarters, ICT / IT & communication
Completed 1994
Xerox nv
End user: 
Xerox nv
Surface above ground: 
8 000 m²
Surface underground: 
4 000 m²
Total surface: 
12 000 m²

Erected in Zaventem, in the suburbs of Brussels in the airport economic zone, the Xerox’s Belgian headquarters completed in 1994 inaugurated in the area a new form of suburban office quarters. The low-rise two-storey building designed to accommodate 500 people is made of two office wings connected via a central glass-covered rectangular atrium. 

While the atrium enhances communication between the different members of the company, the materials, the colours and the open organization all reply to the carefully studied needs of the well known company. While the offices and showrooms are divided over both sides of the vaulted atrium, its centre axis leads to the executive company restaurant.

Xerox HQ
Headquarters - IT & Communications