Waterside Brussels
Willebroeckkaai - Dijlestraat - Akenkaai - 1000 Brussel
Residential - Mixed Use
Completed 2006
End user: 
Surface above ground: 
16 000 m²
Surface underground: 
4 000 m²
Total surface: 
20 000 m²

Waterside is a mixed-use ensemble comprising a 6-storey office buildings as well as a 7-storey residential building. The 11,900-square-metres office building is located on the side of the block towards the North Area business district while the 4,800m²-square-metres residential building faces directly the water canal with views on the historic Tour & Taxis site on the other side of the canal and its adjoining landscaped park to be executed in the near future. Completed in 2006, Waterside is often considered as the very first low-energy development in Brussels.

The Waterside architecture made of glass, steel and bricks is reminiscent of the architecture found in the area which is known for its rich industrial history. Since the completion of Waterside one can now witness a series of new mixed-use ensemble currently under construction in the vicinity according to the same principles. Waterside is expected to become a trendsetter leading to the revival of a derelict area abandoned for years and now scheduled to become a lively place to live and work.

Waterside Brussels
Residential - Mixed Use