Warsaw Spire
Warsaw - Poland
Completed 1991
Surface above ground: 
126 500
Surface underground: 
68 000
Total surface: 
194 500

Located between the famous Palace of Culture and Science and the Warsaw Rising Museum, the 49-storey Warsaw Spire creates an urban signal that advertises Warsaw’s new business district.  Adjacent to the Towarowa and Grzybowska streets, the Warsaw Spire is the jewel in the crown of a series of tall buildings built in the last decade in Warsaw and, at 220 metres, it will be the tallest building in Poland.The Warsaw Spire is amazingly slim and dynamic and looks as if it might never end. Two glazed ‘shells’ extend towards the sky in a spiral form and add lightness to the atypical larger penthouse levels. The spiral shape emphasises the slenderness of the tower. The soaring, vertical force of the shells also forms an exciting contrast to the very horizontal floor levels that lie at the core of the tower. The highest usable level (+46) benefits from an open-air terrace with magnificent views over the city.

Accompanying the 81,607-square-metre Warsaw Spire are two 16-storey, 58.50-metre mid-rise buildings (23,837 and 23,892-square-metres respectively) that integrate the tower into the existing urban fabric. The positioning of the three buildings enables the creation of a vast, landscaped urban plaza with greenery and fountains, and there is a 1,235-space, 5-level garage beneath the complex.When completed in 2014, the plaza, and the project’s 4,300-square-metres of restaurants, cafés, retail and services areas, will become the focal point of urban life in the busy district. A pedestrian space protected by a set of contemporary buildings equates to an unprecedented oasis of peace within the city centre. Of the several meeting places located at the Warsaw Spire, it is the fourth level restaurant, with its outdoor terrace overlooking the plaza that is scheduled to become a popular spot. Please note that all information provided about projects in progress can be subject to change

Warsaw Spire
Warsaw - Poland