Lex 2000 - European Council of Ministers
Wetstraat 121-147
Offices, Governmental
Lex 2000 sa (Dexia/Immobel)
End user: 
European Council of Ministers
Surface above ground: 
55 900
Surface underground: 
22 250
Total surface: 
88 150
In coorporation with: 

The 56,619-square-metre Lex building is located in the heart of the European District and the Brussels Central Business District [CBD]. From an urban standpoint, the Lex building creates a majestic gateway to the Rue de la Loi looking towards the city centre, especially when taken with the Charlemagne building by Helmut Jahn on the other side of the street. At the same time, the 15-storey Lex building create an urban link between the Chaussée d’Etterbeek, a transversal artery that runs under the Rue de la Loi at ground level, two levels below the Lex building. Within the immediate surroundings of the development, the design of a grand staircase improves pedestrian access to the Chaussée d’Etterbeek and its subway station whilst a plaza, equipped with a pick-up/drop-off area, makes the Lex building the only office complex to offer such a courtesy to its visitors. At ground level along the Rue de la Loi, the recessed floor creates wider pavements for pedestrians that run the entire length of the building. 

The convex façades of the development – which resemble two shells facing each other – are a subtle reply to the concave façade of the Berlaymont, the headquarters of European Union, located just one block away.The interior of Lex building complies with the programme of the Council of the European Union, which requires the provision of an intricate mix of meeting rooms and offices within a high-security context. The building houses a series of double-height state-of-the-art assembly halls with natural lighting and the meeting rooms are stacked vertically at each end of the building along the side façades. The Lex building is organised around two 6- and 7-storey open-air landscaped courtyards on the upper levels that allow natural light to penetrate the large floor plates. The penthouse level comprises a 3-storey glazed atrium that offers views of the Brussels skyline. This space is further enhanced by the two glass-elevators that serve the executive levels.

Lex 2000 - European Council of Ministers