Vooruitgangsstraat 55 / Koolbranderstraat - Sint-Joost-ten-Node
Towers, headquarters, ICT/IT & Communication
C.D.P., Burco
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ELD Partnership

Originally used as the headquarters building for Proximus, the Belgian leading mobile telecommunication company, the 16-storey Boreal now provides room for 1,800 collaborators of the well-known French BNP Paribas Fortis bank. The H-shaped building originally designed as a speculative building has proved to be efficient for different types of well known organisations. The elevator bank being located in the central core connecting the two 14.40-meter wide wings, these are column-free and it allows for a maximum flexibility. The clear glassed-façade is complemented by curved aluminium elements cladding an emergency staircase which be seen at the end of each office wing while Atlas grey granite gives the mid-rise Boreal project its own identity among the next-door fully glazed high-rise towers.

The restaurant equipped with audio-visual materials in order to be easily transformed into a large meeting room when necessary and the 240-seat auditorium both located in the podium and the central core designed to easily accommodate a series of function and meeting rooms are some of the amenities offered by the 35,793-square-meter Boreal project.

 At ground level, there is a large plaza equipped with newly planted trees creating an oasis of fresh air and light for the area. Eventually, the large sculpture designed by world-famous Belgian artist Jean-Michel Folon is the added touch to transform a business project into a project of the community where it sits.

in cooperation with ELD Partnership

Espace Nord - Brussels
Headquarters, ICT & Communication