Barco One Campus HQ
Kortijk, Belgium
HQ, Atria, Offices, Industrial, Laboratories
Completed 2016
Barco nv
End user: 
Barco nv
Total surface: 
32.000 m²
In coorporation with: 
Design by Jaspers-Eyers Architects – co-author P. Lallemand

The new Barco HQ serves as a central point of the campus as it connects different parts of the site. It is a hinge point, a 3D frame in which all functions collide. The unusual circular shape exudes dynamics and compactness: a powerful concept with a unique mix of materials. Concrete and steel play leading roles in the design, in addition to the glass façade. The circularity in the design and the sophisticated connections via passarelles stimulate encounters and creates a lively ambiance. The whole construction gets the maximum amount of daylight thanks to the transparent façade, which contrasts beautifully with the inset ramps that adds relief and depth to the building.

On the ground floor is located auditorium, reception area and a big restaurant, which serves also as an informal meeting room or a training location. Higher up are situated offices, R&D facilities, training rooms and oval meeting decks with meeting rooms and a boardroom. Those steel decks with slender support columns at an acute angle give the entire space a floating effect. New Barco HQ is a high-performance building in terms of insulation and technology as well.

International Property Awards 2016 : winner in category Best Office Architecture Europe

Barco One Campus HQ
Kortrijk, Belgium
HQ, Atria, Offices, Industrial, Laboratories