Minsk Tower
Minsk, Belarus
Offices, Hotel, Mixed-use
Design Phase
Total surface: 
65.000 m²
In coorporation with: 

The centrally located 98-metre Minsk Tower is set to become the first integrated, high-rise, mixed-use ensemble in Minsk, Belarus. The project is comprised of a 22-storey mixed-use tower built above a 4-storey retail and entertainment complex, plus a low-rise 8-storey office building. The low-rise building is purposely designed to accommodate Velcom, the well-known telecommunication company.

Although the high-rise and the low-rise buildings both function independently, they form a coherent whole from an urban point of view. The two buildings are arranged to form a lively landscaped plaza with cafés and restaurants that opens onto the city. 

Please note that all information provided about projects in progress can be subject to change.

Minsk Tower
Minsk, Belarus
Towers, Mixed Use, Hotels