World Architecture top 100

Jaspers-Eyers Architects is listed at the 71th place in the BD World Architecture top 100

Bouwen aan Vlaanderen

Upcoming projects in Flanders for 2011

Featuring Waterside Leuven, Stephenson Plaza, South City and Jean-Jacobs - QB19

Belgian RE Showcase

An overview of what's to come in Brussels for 2011

Trends Retail Guide

Projects in progress in the retail and shopping industry. Featured : Entre les Deux Portes, Galeries Toison d'Or and Mediacité Liege.

World Architecture Festival

The new RSC Anderlecht Football Stadium and Mediacité Liège Shopping Center are displayed at the World Architecture Festival in Barcelona

Bouwen aan Vlaanderen

Up and coming projects in Flanders 2010. Featured : Mediacité, Belair Brussels and the new football stadium for RSC Anderlecht

Espace Jacqmotte

Philippe & Laurent Jaspers Publish the book ''Espace Jacqmotte'

Belgium RE Showcase

An overview of what's to come in Brussels for 2010

Belgium Real Estate

The MG tower in Ghent featured on the cover of Belgium Realestate 2010

Trends Office Develoment

Featuring Mediacité Liège, Warsaw Spire Tower, MG Tower Ghent, GDF Suez HQ Brussels, Belgian Embassy in Tokyo, Liège Paradis Tower and The Embassy of Quatar in Brussels 


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