Passport - KPMG HQ
Brussels International Airport, Belgium
HQ, Offices, Atria
Completed 2018
End user: 
KPMG, Microsoft
Total surface: 
28.000 m²

With Passport, a living environment with focus on contact and communication, Jaspers-Eyers Architects responds to the hybrid types of work found in modern business life. These days, for a company with international allure, an airport is not only a place of transit, but also a home base and a breeding ground for a wide array of contacts. What’s more, the atypical location corresponds to the current trend to combine work and leisure and to invest in employees’ well-being.

The needs of a contemporary company increasingly revolve around flexibility, communication, mobility and connection. The common areas are inviting and easily accessible to both employees and visitors. The large staircase is a visible expression of this. Deeper inside the building, the more closed “private area” allows undisturbed concentration on the work.

The façade has been designed with an exceptional eye for detail. Its depth, the contrast between open and closed surfaces and the finely detailed glass elements are surprising in a building of this size, at this location. The façade also gives a nod to the Gateway building next door, with which Passport shows a strong affinity. Both buildings nevertheless retain their own identities.

European Property Awards 2017: winner in category "Office Architecture Belgium" 

Passport - KPMG HQ
Brussels International Airport, Belgium
Airports, Atria, Offices, HQ, Interion Design