Penal Institution Beveren
Beveren, Belgium
Governmental, Educational, Public services
Completed 2013
Regie de Gebouwen - Projectgroep Gevangenissen
End user: 
FOD Justitie
Total surface: 
31.250 m²
In coorporation with: 
Stéphane Beel Architecten

New penal institution "Poort van Beveren" is a part of 2008’s masterplan created to solve the critical overcrowding in Belgian prisons. The complex with a capacity of 300 detainees is located in an industrial area near Antwerp and is composed of 4 buildings: an entrance building, service & logistics buildings and a cell section. Different functional areas are separate by outdoor spaces, connected by passage buildings. The design aims for reintegration into society and stimulates a sense of community.

“Poort van Beveren" is constructed as a green building with a focus on sustainability: energetic sustainability is achieved for example by excellent insulation, photovoltaic solar cells, low temperature heating, energy efficient light fittings, sustainable water management (recuperation of rain water) or by installation of biological water purification. The structural solutions also used an energetically and economically efficient construction method, by applying concrete prefabricated elements. With achieved levels E 60 and K 30, the new prison serves as a model building for optimal energy performance.

Penal Institution Beveren
Beveren, Belgium
Governmental, Educational, Public services