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Designing for Life

We strive to combine creativity with quality, while respecting timing, budget and the client’s wishes.

Jaspers-Eyers is a Belgian architectural firm with offices in Brussels, Leuven and Hasselt. We are mainly active in Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain, Eastern Europe and China.

Our bureau offers an extensive range of services, going from architectural design, programming, urban architecture and master planning to graphic and interior design.

Our aim is to design for life. Since sustainability is an obligation we hold as a society and as an architectural firm, ecology is a theme throughout all our projects. But ‘designing for life’ also means that we keep certain goals and principles in mind.

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Living together

Every building, large or small, takes up its place in a community. It is of the utmost importance that our projects are supported by that community, with its rapidly changing needs and demands. The socio-cultural situation is therefore a defining starting point for each project, in different ways. Not only do we build to make a relevant contribution to the existing fabric, we also start from that fabric to determine the direction a project will take. In doing that, we don’t limit ourselves to our own socio-cultural context. We consciously seek out the other, the strange, the sometimes uncomfortable, in order to broaden our view and integrate new insights into our projects.

Individual wellbeing

The starting point of each projects is the end user. His comfort and wellbeing is at the basis of the decision making process. And it is tightly linked with the well-being of our communities, our environment and our planet. That is why architecture in all its forms contributes hugely to people’s sense of happiness, not only directly but also in an indirect way. We aim to provide the best possible working/living/relaxing environment for the end user, while enforcing urban tissue and bringing minimal harm to the environment.


Our architecture has the purpose of being used. It cannot be gratuitous and has to take into account certain realities and practicalities. We strive to make ‘buildable’ projects and look for solutions to turn a wild creative design into a real and tangible result. This means rethinking and adjusting when necessary, looking for solutions to problems, applying techniques and technologies on a large scale. But it also means paying great attention to aspects like budget, timing and the client’s wishes. We stay alert and ahead of the market, so we can find appropriate answers to a rapidly changing demand and anticipate the needs of the future.


Chances are slim that a building we design today will exist for eternity. But still, throughout the design and executions process, that is the goal we keep in mind. That is why we aim for the best possible quality on alle levels: design, adaptability, functional flexibility, choice of materials. Our high-quality architecture is meant to last a lifetime and longer, and there lies the core of our sustainability. Because the most sustainable project is the one that isn’t built. We do not demolish if not absolutely necessary. And when we design, we aim for those designs to endure as long as possible. 

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